Started Kerala Water Authority Pilot Study – FLOW Smart Water Meters

By flowsmart for Product 11/07/2019 0 COMMENTS

Started pilot study of our LoRa based AMR meters at Kerala Water Authority Staff Quarters at PTP Nagar, Trivandrum.

Current System

In the current system,  meters installed with the quarters are normal mechanical meters and the reading will be taken on bi monthly basis by the meter reader manually from the meters. Also some of the other issues with the current system are,

  • Not able to detect the leakage on a real time basis.
  • Unable to study the consumption pattern 
  • Unable to predict demand response
  • Issue in effective allocation of resource

Our Solution

As per the scheduled plan, we installed Smart Water Meters on the KWA PTP Nagar Quarters premises suggested by Kerala Water Authority For the water meters we installed need one concentrator unit for collecting data and send it to our server hosted on our cloud server. Concentrator unit is placed in a three storey building in the KWA PTP Nagar Staff Quarters.

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