Troncart Solutions selected to be a part of ‘Next Generation Water Action’ by DTU Skylab

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Troncart Solutions has been selected to be a part of ‘Next Generation Water Action‘ by DTU Skylab. 12 Water Solution Startups from #Ghana#Kenya#Denmark#SouthKorea, and #India made into the list with solutions that will be brought forward to impact urban water challenges along with innovative and cutting-edge solutions that will help to solve the water challenges facing us. We are one among the 4 startups selected from India.

Atal Innovation Mission Official , NITI Aayog (AIM-NITI Aayog) has partnered with Innovation Center Denmark (ICDK), Denmark Embassy in India and the Denmark Technical University (DTU) to launch AIM-ICDK Water innovation challenge, which is aimed at identifying innovative next-gen solutions to solve challenges related to water. The winners of the challenges shall be a part of the Indian delegation for the Next Generation Water Action at IWA Water Congress scheduled in May 2021 in Copenhagen.

Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog (AIM-NITI Aayog) has partnered with Innovation Center Denmark (ICDK) to engage academic institutions, industry partners, entrepreneurship cells, incubators in India to organise and prepare Indian participation for Next Generation Water Action – an initiative that will engage young talents from leading universities and innovation hub of selected countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia to build their skills and apply their technical disciplines, innovation capacity and solutions to challenge and catalyse water solutions towards smart liveable cities.

The AIM-ICDK water challenge is aimed at identifying the Indian delegations for the Next Generation Water Action challenge, and would consist of: Student team (max 3 members per team), Student Entrepreneur Team and Young Indian entrepreneur teams, working on technology-based solutions in the water domain. Next Generation Water Action aims to engage young talents from around the world to bring forward the youth perspective, current research and innovation on pressing water challenges. The initiative will provide unique opportunities for talented and driven
young university students, researchers and inspiring entrepreneurs to accelerate water solutions. The program and activities are facilitated by DTU Skylab, Innovation Center Denmark and partners, and the Indian challenge is anchored by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog.

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